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Компания Caribbean Club Project работает на рынке недвижимости Мексики с 2015 года. Основное направление деятельности компании - управление, аренда и продажа недвижимости в городах Канкун, Плайя дель Кармен, Пуэрто Авентурас, Тулум и других населенных пунктах Карибского побережья Мексики.


Если вы решили купить недвижимость в Мексике или хотите узнать, как арендовать, купить или оформить в собственность квартиру, дом, виллу, коммерческий объект или участок под постройку дома, будь это недорогой объект или недвижимость премиум класса, обратитесь через контактную форму или по телефону и вам будет дана развернутая консультация обо всем, что касается покупки и аренды недвижимости в Мексике.


На сайте представлены дома, виллы, квартиры и участки от ведущих застройщиков и хозяев вторичной недвижимости, которые актуальны на момент размещения. Для получения более подробной информации по выбранной недвижимости, свяжитесь со специалистом, контакты которого указаны на странице объекта или заполните контактную форму

С Since 2015, we have been selling, renting and managing real estate on behalf of Russian-speaking clients from all over the world. Among them are investors from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, USA, Canada and other countries. The main places of our activity are the most famous places of Mexico on the Riviera Maya - Cancun, Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen, Puerto Aventuras, Akumal and Tulum.

On demand, we also work with properties in other regions of Mexico.

To work with real estate on the Riviera Maya, we have registered a company - the Caribbean Club Project, and we work with leading developers and property owners in the cities of Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Puerto Aventuras and Tulum.

We work not only with developers, although this is the easiest way to sell real estate, but we also have a large base of resale real estate properties. When making a deal during the purchase of real estate, our job is to select, check and design the whole process of the property’s acquisition.

Depending on such conditions as the purpose and the budget of the housing is being purchased, we recommend the location and type of real estate property.

At each stage, we make sure that the object of your interest is not encumbered or controversial, we check the availability of a certificate of ownership, help to reasonably reduce the price of real estate or the services of notaries and lawyers. Moreover, we accompany the paperwork through the whole process of the property’s acquirement.

If you demand to get an exclusive real estate option estate, we will help you buy a land plot and settle all issues related to the design and construction of your own house, hotel, restaurant, condominium or any other premises.

Throughout the entire process, from the search for an object, to its registration and operation, we accompany the transaction and advise on all issues related to legal and practical aspects. If you buy real estate for investment and income, then after purchase and registration, we provide property management services, with monthly or quarterly income payments.

While you are at home, your property brings a steady income, it is being looked after, cleaned, purchased the necessary equipment, consumables, and organized minor household repairs. Also, our company covers all issues related to taxation, financial and legal support, utilities and other payments, transfer of profits to the client's accounts.

For condos and apartments owners or tourists who come to Mexico on vacation, we have a permanent concierge service. It can be used to organize airport transfers, sightseeing tours, ordering medical assistance or financial services. The concierge service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which allows tourists not to worry about anything and fully focus on their vacation.

For those who have decided to move to Mexico, in addition to buying real estate, we can offer assistance in obtaining a residence permit, work permit or assistance in registering a business. We will help you adapt in Mexico, arrange your children in educational institutions, show you where you can quickly learn the language, get any permits, buy or rent a car, get insurance and provide an interpreter or guide.

Contact us for all questions related to life and recreation in Mexico. We always have something to offer and the consultation will cost nothing.  



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