Cancun is located in the northeast of the Yucatan Peninsula, Quintana Roo, Mexico. The favorable geographic location and international airport have made Cancun one of the most attractive resorts in Mexico. To a greater extent, the development of the infrastructure of Cancun gave an impetus to the tourist development of the entire Caribbean coast of the state of Quintana Roo, which is now called the Riviera Maya.

Cancun is one of the most popular resorts for US residents because the flight time from the nearest states takes approximately 2 hours. Also, Cancun is popular for recreation among residents of Canada, Argentina, Brazil, as well as Europe, Russia, China, and Japan. Cancun is not only the most popular resort in the world but also the ideal place to live. A high level of security, education, and medicine, a warm sea all year round, an excellent climate - all this annually attracts thousands of people from all over the world to make this piece of paradise their home. Also, an important role in this choice is influenced by the loyal policy of the state for obtaining a residence permit.


For the future international resort, the Mexican government chose an area near a small fishing village called Isla Cancun. In 1971, the city of Cancun was founded with a loan of $ 27 million from the Central Bank of Mexico. The sand spit was connected to the mainland by bridges, a road was built, and a year later the first hotel was built. For 45 years, from a small fishing village, Cancun has turned into one of the best resorts in the world, and on the former sandy spit, today more than 200 hotels host guests.


The climate in Cancun is favorable for relaxation. The average annual temperature in Cancun is 26˚C. The water temperature in the Caribbean is almost always 25-26˚C. The weather in Cancun is sunny throughout the year, except for the so-called rainy season, which falls in September - November. Although the rains here are short-lived and thanks to the warm air, after a few minutes there is no trace of rain left. Also, during this period the weather is windy and hurricanes sometimes occur. The rest of the time the weather is clear, the sky is cloudless and the cool northern breeze is blowing.



 According to the latest official figures, Cancun has a population of over a million people. From year to year, the number of residents increases due to the constant development of both the city itself and the adjacent tourist villages. Cancun is the largest city in the Yucatan Peninsula. Three million tourists from all over the world visit Cancun every year.


Safety in Cancun, especially in tourist areas, is at the highest level. Considering that the tourism business in the budget of the city, and indeed of the entire state of Quintana Roo, is fundamental, therefore the city authorities give priority to safety. In addition to the local municipal and federal police, the city also has tourist police. Police patrol around the clock, not only by cars, but also in narrow streets on motorcycles, and tourist areas on bicycles. Medicine in Cancun is mostly private and with very high standards. Highly qualified specialists from many countries work in Cancun clinics. The level of government clinics is also very high.


The level of secondary and higher education in Cancun is quite high. There is a large selection of both public and private schools. Students from all over Mexico study at the universities of the city, and relatively low tuition fees and high-quality education attract applicants from other countries of the world. For foreign citizens, education in Mexico is attractive not only for prices and quality but also for the opportunity to perfectly learn additional foreign languages. The transport infrastructure is very well developed. There is an international airport 8 kilometers from the city, from which you can get by taxi or comfortable buses to the city center, hotel zones, or to nearby cities. The city has a bus station from which you can get to any city in Mexico. By ferry, you can reach the nearest island, Isla Mujeres. The roads have excellent quality, without much traffic and well organized. Public transport is inexpensive and convenient.


Real estate in Cancun is very attractive for foreigners to buy, because it is completely legal, and the constant development of the region annually increases its value and allows you to receive income from renting your condo or house year-round. Today, many foreigners buy real estate in Mexico, live in it for several months a year, and the rest of the time they rent it out to tourists through management agencies or specialized websites. The value of the property depends on its location to the sea. The highest prices are for houses and condos located in the city center or the hotel area. There are luxurious houses with sea or lagoon views, with their swimming pool and a yacht dock, there are condos in buildings on the waterfront overlooking the Caribbean Sea, and there are also budget properties worth up to 50 thousand US dollars. In Cancun, you can buy inexpensive real estate in small closed residences, it will be a small townhouse with 2 bedrooms, with its territory and parking space. The price of such budget housing is on average 50 thousand USA dollars.


In Cancun, it is very popular to live in closed residences with 24/7 security and their infrastructure. In such residences, you can buy both a condo and your own house with a swimming pool and relaxation area. The cost of condos in such residences can start from 100 thousand US dollars.







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