Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is the second most popular resort town on the coast of the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula, after Cancun. The city is located 70 kilometers from the Cancun International Airport and is located on both sides of the federal highway. At first glance, the city seems ridiculous and nondescript, due to its low-rise buildings and a large number of construction projects. But it is worth walking closer to the sea and you will fall in love with this city forever.

A relatively young city that has grown due to tourism and in just a few decades has turned from a village with a fishing pier into a world-class resort. According to statistics, the growth of the population of Playa del Carmen is 20% annually.

In Playa del Carmen, the main attractions for tourists are an endless strip of white sand beaches and a vibrant nightlife with nightclubs, discos, beach clubs, and restaurants. The first street, which runs along the sea, is completely pedestrianized and is called Fifth Avenue. Fifth Avenue is very popular between tourists; life on it does not stop for a minute. It has a large number of stores, bars, restaurants, large and modern shopping centers.

For tourists, there is a large selection of accommodation for their whole vacation, for every taste and every budget. There are both luxury hotels on the shores of the Caribbean Sea and small family hotels in the city center. Those who want to relax on their own can rent a condo, the cost of which will depend on the location to the sea. The cost of living per day can cost you from $ 20 in a small cozy hostel in the very center and up to several thousand for a house on the seashore with its pool and beach. The city has a large number of supermarkets, small stores, markets, public, and intercity transport is well developed. Therefore, by renting a condo in Playa del Carmen you will feel at home.

Public transport Playa del Carmen is a large network of taxis routes. Of course, for short distances, 2-4 blocks, it is more convenient and interesting to walk. But, given the non-tall building in the city, long distances can be covered by minibus. The prices for minibuses in Playa del Carmen are not high and average 10 pesos. The quality of the minibuses is high, all the space is full with sitting places, the Mexicans do not like to push, and therefore at large stops during rush hours, there are friendly queues for boarding. Taxis are also popular in Playa del Carmen; many locals use them to bring food from the supermarket home. Taxi prices within the city center are around 30 pesos. But it must be remembered that Playa del Carmen is a resort and taxi drivers can come up with prices for tourists. Therefore, if you are on vacation or have moved to live in Playa del Carmen, then it is better to learn the main routes and ask the local taxi prices.

Fans of outdoor activities can go diving, take a ferry to the nearest island of Cozumel, dive in underwater caves - cenotes, visit the ancient Mayan cities of Chichen Itza, Coba, theme parks will also offer you an unforgettable entertainment program.

The weather in Playa del Carmen is truly heavenly. The constantly warm climate, sea, beaches, and entertainment make it an attractive tourist destination all year round. The nearest island, Cozumel, successfully protects Playa del Carmen from hurricanes and strong winds. The climate of Playa del Carmen is conducive to year-round relaxation. It is summer here almost all year round and you can sunbathe on the beach during the day, swim in the sea (the average water temperature is 25 degrees), and in the evening you can plunge into the resort's nightlife.

For those wishing to choose Playa del Carmen as their future home, the city provides many advantages - the annual growth of the city due to tourism, easiness of doing business, relatively low cost of real estate. You can buy a small condo within walking distance from the best beaches of Playa del Carmen starting from 120 thousand US dollars. Condos and houses on the seashore are much more expensive. Also, like in Cancun, private residences are very popular here. Taking into account the year-round tourist flow, the owner of a condo can receive a stable income from renting out real estate. In Playa del Carmen, you can buy cheap property in so-called private residences. Small condos in such residences can cost from 30-40 thousand US dollars. The USA, and townhouses or houses will cost twice as much. Of course, such budget real estate is sold only in residences located far from the sea.







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